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Default on the search...

Originally Posted by headquarters



The Russians we messe with when we grabbed that girl are getting pesky.

We need a location on a mob lieutenant or preferably "Papa" Mogiljevich him self.

Please make this a priority along side Chicago mission .

-----end transmission-------

Mao, the third night in a row is hacking the shit out of internett, if it was ever an A.I present on the nett, it would probarbly be laying in a virtual "shower" crying as it tries to wash the bytes and bits that came from Mao`s computer.

"good damn", mao thought as he gulped down the third red bull this hour, is there no way of finding this bastard(papa)?

the flickering screen sent lightstreams over Maos unshaven face, and reflected in those big glasses, that he always seemed to be most comfortable infront of the screens with, he looked as he felt, geeky.

He started another search, that could take some "minutes".

As it started, Mao quickly stood up and stretched himself, and started to walk towards the toilet...

...then he stopped, and stood with an look of agony in his face, only for a few seconds, before he turned around and sat himself down by the computer again, his bladder was full, but this couldnt wait.

Maos finger seemed to run along the keyboard, and he had often thought that if he was born creative, in the legal way, he would be an excellent writer, or at least he could write a book very quickly.

He added some scripting on the PERU program, widening the search to include S.A.R.S (south americas radar services (u now the FAA of mexico and like, i donotknowwhatitisreallynamed)) to include unknown flying object especially.

Even though he knew that the flying saucer was a myth, atleast he had never seen ANY proof of anything else, but in the same time he knew that those ufo, where a highly valuable sources for locating whatever secret-bases that would be out there... the u.f.o itselves where all but goverment secrets.

If he where lucky, both the anomalies of electricity, and next gen cloning would be in the same area...and marked by a big f***ing X of ufo´s, if he was lucky, if not that lucky, he at least should have some more information about the subjects at hand.

He downloaded a map of peru, and wrote as quickly he could a widget that captured the "lines" of air-traffic, and would detected anomalies, like manouvers that kicks the ass out of normal airbus830 or other charter planes... ...using "listening" programs connected to radar.

Writing as quickly as possible as he almost where pissing his pants.

Mao suddenly took the trash bin that was located near him, and released his bladder into it, typing still.

He squesed the last drop out his bladder as the interlocking "bridge" between the satelite imagery and radar surveilance grew finish. Mao had learned the hard way, to never pause an idea...because it will be lost.

he stared at the screens, like he was trying to memorize it, and smiled, it was all there...

After a quick emptying of the trash bin, and a quick wash of the same bin, Mao went back and started to smooth out the "corners", not many hours went before the program seemed to be finished, the interface was unbelivable complicated and messy, but then again, it wasnt as he was going to sell it...

...he entered the simple code to start it RUN and pressed enter...

as he was staring at the program ticking and highlighting and working as it should....he promptly succumbed to his own tiredness, and started snoring in his computer chair...
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