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Default the days news

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Mao Inc. the new star of enterprises?
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The son of Mao textile seems, to shoot
towards the star, n multiple areas, like space technology,
which he is no newcomer, as he at a young man was
hired by no other then the chinese goverment. Again this
entrepenore is aiming for the star, as he uttered a
statement, making the super battery a succsess.
"we tested the batteries on a electric motorcycle, and the
result where amazing, as is the adventures scientist
mr Yet-Ming Chiang, whom expertise is no other then
brilliant, 3times this days capacity is no a reality. and with
the benefit of smaller power for recharging, this is the
technology that will be improved upon and further developt
for the japanese space program, if we get the contract.
Either way, the battery will undergo a trial and "stress"
periode but should be offered to the public for only the
dobbel price of to days bateries". asking about the technology
behind these super-battery, where short in reply from both
Mr. Mao and Mr Yet-Ming Chiang, both holding the research
close at heart. But suprisingly, and after Mr. maos own
statement, they released one secret for other developers to
enjoy and take to heart.
"its all about the oxidation of the elements whitin",
mr Yet-Ming Chiang said smiling, and speaking with other
scientists in the same field of research, this statement seemed
to hold both promise and a logic that is non-discusable according
to scientist, which still wonders about the actually solution.
Mr. Mao also offered jobs to any scientist with new ideas, telling
this paper "it doesn matter if the idea is "out there", i welcome
all new ideas. and different is sometimes better then ordinary"
before he entered his electric car, which seems to be his calling
card, green power, enviroment and new technology.
"One only needs two tools in life: WD-40 to make things go, and duct tape to make them stop."
- G. Weilacher

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