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Default quickly rebuild..?

mao disconnects all the computers, changes carrier, opens new "travel-route" in a cyber cafe loading an ofserver disc he created long ago M.A.R.K:13.7 his biggest creation, his longest programming, interllagged, dobbel biting, 1024bit encryption, and repeated backtracing, a ping echo resonace dobbler, a dobbler squatter of spreading bits into fragment, a virus extraordinaire as it is unusually quiet and small, and drags no more then a fraction of computer power. connected to the moving server banks, in a ratio of 3 servers a day, downloading large chunks of dvds would be useless, but then again, he bought what he wanted to see. this program was usually only good for tracking, giving the "prey" an mission impossible.

program functions like this: the virus is spread, a small virus, not pinging leeching power or causing havoc, as i send a package it is decrypted on a 1024 bit decryption that is 52 digget code made up by small letter, capped letter and symbols, even numbers, as it hit the random server infected, it breakes up in small parts connecting to another server, which has been predetermined by the first server, it infects this new server and again splits and before taking alternitativ routes to the third server, her det information buts it selv togheter sending me the information back a different way, with a new server name to receive new input. before the information is backtracked, it sends ping request that multiplies to different servers or machine, this request comes back, and the virus bings them all at the same times at the 1024bit decoded information again spread, and journey threw three more different server before comming back to me.

program is used to virtually lock in all the open ports and holes of the server system i have, retrive information if possible, but most importingly make a virtual "trap" for catching the return "adress". if ever hacked again, ping reply back to the sender should if all works out flash a secure ip-line to my offline irc, and the message, lets talk...

the same program is used for trying to track the doctor in poland...

no-hostle intencion- ofcourse, as i need scientists
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