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Default Reuters: Iphone By Mao

REUTERS 120209 time 12:46
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the new iphone facial recognition program under development

Mao electronic and software has revealed the future program as the making of this seems indeed to be the real deal.
Official in the japanese police sas it would be happy to try it out, but have had no request for this at the given time.

"the software, neds tweaking, as the system used now has a slow seeking rate" Mao was rumored to say. It is uncleared if there will be any major differences on the iphone, electronicly. As no sources seem to acknowledge or deny this, though a higher official, who wish to remain incognito, proclaim that he would feel it strange if at least not the Novoila-battery would be implemented in any hardware upgrades. Other experts Reuter has contacted also sees the camera as a bit of an improving necesarity.
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