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As I think has already been said the gun trucks of Viet Nam had a different mission to the Middle Eastern technicals and the Donbass 'thingys'.

In Viet Nam the firebases needed supplying (72% of the war effort was in the maintenance of the firebases) and the supply columns had a chance of being ambushed at extremely close range. The way the frankly courageous men manning the convoys responded was with overwhelming automatic fire to suppress the enemy, stop the enemy maneuvering and make the convoy the master of its surroundings.

The wandering nature of Twilight 2000 soldiers, they are either ensconced in a canton or on the road, means that the Viet Nam model really suits T2k. When surprised they can lay down massive automatic fire and dominate the ambush at the outset. It's hell on the ammo but who wants to die with a full ammo pouch anyway.
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