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Originally Posted by Jason Weiser View Post
Having done a playtest against the designer? I can tell you, you're in for a treat. It's not your daddy's NATO. I tried to play it that way, and I got my clock cleaned. It's meatier, faster, and damned LETHAL.

I am looking forward to this as well, but I was a little sad to hear Chadwick had not updated the OOB to match recent data. Ah well, if the new rulebook still has the conversion data..we can do it ourselves!

Some other news on this front, take a look at Adam Starkweather's "The Doomsday Project - Episode 1, Battle for Germany." (also from Compass Games) It's just plain awesome looking, has a lot of chrome, and I will be playtesting it with the designer soon. I am reading the rules now. What will I say? When this game comes out, you're in for a treat.

Link to the game is here:

Not to mention kiddies? Bruce Maxwell is re-releasing through Compass Games his magnum opus. Air and Armor is coming back through Compass Games!

Yeah, they may be my new GDW along with Free League....Oh wallet, please forgive me.
Jason thatís great !!!
Not to blow my own trumpet, but .........I worked with Bruce on his new NATO game (I obviously concentrated on BAOR) and will be helping him on Air & Armor as he is looking to expand it into several games in different areas of the Central Front.
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