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Originally Posted by Sanchez View Post
I beileve we did a good job.
We had a plan - and we followed it pretty much until our house was bombed to rubble, and we had to do something else we didn't have a plan for.
The plan was to hold out until darkness - and we almost did.
I think it was a nice piece of American bravery and courage!

Now, there was one exception to this, a coward so un-American that I have forgotten his name. You will remeber mine though.

First he gave our position away by firing wildly (without hitting anything), then in a most cowardly move, he try to abandon his fellow American heroes by sneaking out under pretext of attempting to hijack an enemy vehicle!
I also rememer I had to confiscate all white clothing as you tried to surrender several times.

You should have been shot for that!
And in a funny instance of poetic justice you were shot several times by the enemy in various places.

To sum up - very brave action by the party with one exception.
I agree that the party made a good stand and took brave action .

there was cowardice - but it was also good roleplay .and that is very important.The shooting wildly is also true -but have you seen his rifle skill ?

My comments on what to do better were simply directed towards the rules/technical side of things.You can still maximize offensive potential of party by acting more in concert.
You should try it one time .

I am very much looking forward to the intense gunfight coming up next session .The party is only half an hour away from twilight and the faint hope of darkness cloacking their escape.Meanwhile the dreaded NDP cadre elite troops are encircling the area and massing for one last big shootout -Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid style .(they are the federales in case you wondered).

I sincerely hope you guys make it out of there - the PCs have been through so much ...Well,the maps were drawn and enemy posted on them long before I wrote this . ( I always do it this way so that I wont go soft and started reducing the number or quality of enemy as the party gets in worse and worse shape..)

It is interesting I think , that the last 4-5 sessions has had a Matrix like influence on gaming time .5 sessions ago you were happily travelling about and making plans for your NPCs on what to do come harvest time -now every session of 7 hours playing time is about an hour and a half in game.Soon we will play just a few phases over the course of a whole evening..

This combat has been going on for over 3 sessions straight with only a few moments lapse in the hideout cellar if you recall.It will not be over until you are dead or have killed them all.
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