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Originally Posted by TiggerCCW UK
How do you represent the effects of weather and temperature in Twilight? The next stage of my campaign is going to be Armies Of The Night and I'm planning on putting in some very cold, icy and snowy weather. How would you recommend representing this in game? I'm thinking of minuses to movement in snowy or icy conditions, minuses to agility where appropriate but I'm not sure about how to play extreme cold. Minuses to agility and movement for bulky clothes? Any suggestions welcome.
Harnmaster/Gunmaster has a fatigue system (both for running/fighting and that sort of thing and also for forced marches and lack of sleep). Harnmaster/Gunmaster simulates some of the effects of cold environments by applying fatigue penalties (because the body uses more energy when it is trying to keep warm). Also, Harnmaster characters have a Touch attribute and I could see that taking penalties (due to numbness in the extremities). Then there is the extra food requirement for people working in cold environments.

I'll look in my rule books and see what other effects there are. IIRC the Boomer T2K module talks about the effects of operating in the cold too.
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