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Default yep around that

Originally Posted by TiggerCCW UK
Increase food consumption by 50% maybe?
I guess thats ok .

we were told that we need to consume more fat when the weather grew colder to stay warm and to not feel hungry all the time .

Also in the cold -drinking water is a major issue .Eating snow or sucking on ice is not good .

Since all is frozen ,getting the required amount of h2o is a challenge .While marching with full kit you will probably need around 1-2 liters of water pr period to keep from dehydrating .

bottles filled with snow tucked under the clothing will melt it to water little by little - but if you have to keep up a high pace -like running from a pursuer with no let up - you expend more water then you get in .

dehydration will quickly lead to freezing and to increased fatigue in game terms.
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