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Weather or more acruatly temperature in some of my past adventures have been:

In desert touching metal with bare skin can cause burns if long enough contact then blisters <had this happen while doing pushups on a metal helo pad in the desert.>

Drying wind causing windburn, dry skin that would crack and of course sunburn.

Mirage throwing off your vision affecting acuracy and distance.


Breath giving away someones position after they were running from the PCs.

COLD WET=miserable, fatigue one level higher and rest is harder to accomplish.

COLD COLD: Canteens freezing solid, even the gas mask valve freeze and breaks inside. <based on real events>

Sleeping with canteens that were frozen and they leak as they melt.

Touching metal or plastic with bare hand causes pain and hard to grab <not just because of the thickness of the clothing> it actualy hurts in really cold weather.

Numb fingers cause reloading to take longer, fingers to fumble and even mishaps with grenades. <I'd roll one dexterity roll per action>

FROSTBITE: it does cost fingers and toes, and nothing like adding character to your character, "Eh, I lost that toe in Norway."

It freezes exposed skin like the face, windburn from cold winds blowing, and of course snowblindness from reflecting off the snow.

PCs who do not waterproof their gear end up with wet gear eventualy,.

Weapons get rusty from the snow when it melts

Weapons and other equipments actions freeze in the cold. Vehicles are harder to start.

Mishaps with fire and electrical systems.

Fabric becomes stiff and can slice your hand, glass can crack easily

And of course the irritation of a clod draft blowing through a bullet hole in the vehicle or wind blowing ffrom unknown location in the tent/ruins/hootch where a PC is trying to sleep and the draft is blowing on them making life miserable.







Blisters from not changing socks

Rashes from not changing or cleaning self or clothes.

Constipation and impacted bowel from refusing to releave yourself because its too cold


Snow Blindness

Fatigue an effect of dehydration but also of the cold



Those are just some of the issues one can face with the cold.
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