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Default Central Europe, Winter of 2000-2001 Unit Map

I think it is finally finished. I've mapped out every unit mentioned in Going Home and few more besides, all from canonical sources. Here it is:

I started this project ages ago- it's been so long, I can't remember why I began. Google maps has been updated several times since I started, limiting my options in terms of icon type and color. I couldn't figure out how to include a key for the unit marker colors so here's the system I used:

Blue: loyal U.S.
Purple: loyal German
Baby Blue: loyal British
Green: partisans or turncoats now loyal to NATO
Yellow: independent, marauders, or loyal warlords' armies
Violet: non-Soviet units loyal to the Warsaw Pact

Feedback is welcome. If I missed anything, please let me know. Please note that the descriptor text for many units, no matter how many times I reedit it, seems to reset itself so that some words merge. I don't know how to permanently fix this.

If any of you ever use this for anything T2K-related, the effort I put into it will be worth it.
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