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Originally Posted by Raellus View Post
@Lordroi: I'll have to take another look but I don't remember any Dutch units in Going Home listed as being in Poland or eastern Germany c.2000. I'll also check the NATO Vehicle Guide. My map focusses on Germany's "Eastern Front". Some day, when I have some extra time, I'll see about adding any/all of the German, Dutch, French, and Belgian units (listed in Going Home) to the the border regions in the west.

@Tombot and Olefin: I think Olefin's ideas about at least some Germans having designs on "East Prussia" have some merit. Germany has historical ties to the region that go back to the Teutonic Knights in the late Middle Ages. More recently, much of Poland's Baltic coast was annexed by the Third Reich. Any remaining connections create the potential for some interesting political machinations between reactionary/expansionist factions of the German government, such as it is c.2000, and elements of XI Corps that remain in NW Poland after Omega. At the very least, it's a motive for wannabe German warlords in the area.
And it would definitely explain why they stayed put when it looks like its a wide open shot back to the German lines and home.

You wonder if they would have touched on this with further "Return to Europe" modules if they had kept going with new releases. It would defnitely make for good material for any campaign based on either returned players who get back to Europe somehow or players who "missed the boat" and are stranded in Europe either by choice or by fate.

'Oh you want to get home - well we have something we need you to do first" said by the German general who has historical roots in East Prussia and wants to see Germans in control of it again - and who did some behind the curtains political maneuvering to keep the XI Corps rigth where they could be of a lot of assistance in that goal- and who has a little mission for you and your guys who missed the boat and showed up in Bremerhaven in December or January
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