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I would love to play! just let me know what kind of rules set you would want to use. I have d20 Modern (and a HELL of a lot of the books with optional rules that make it a system that is flexible enough to have a first level character FUN to play). I also have a bunch of other systems as well (all on PDF) that i can share with others if they are interested or needing them.

Originally Posted by Jester1-1
Greetings all,

I know I'm new here, however I was wondering if there would be any interest in a Morrow Project Play by Post. I would be willing to GM. I am new to Morrow Project and do not have the rules. I have been digesting the copius amounts of information on the site and several others and really like this setting for a roleplaying game.

I do not have the Morrow Project Rules, but could run this using the Project Phoenix rules or another rules set that I'm familiar with. I have over 20 years of roleplaying experience and 16+ years of service as a grunt/MP in the US Military. I prefer gritty realism and a good story over number crunching and rules lawyering and would like to keep the majority of the game mechanics behind the scenes.

My apologies if I have somehow placed this in the wrong forum.

Thanks for listening to me and I'm looking forward to hearing if there is any interest.

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