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I always considered the Council of Tomorrow to be a multi tiered effort.

Bruce Morrow and the Key Council members would be aware of the Project and the technologies and the 100% certainty of a nuclear war with the Soviet Union. Probably 10 no more than 20.

Second tier Members would be the academics and consultants hired or brought in as consultants to projects. Think tanks really. To them the technologies are abstracts or just paid work. They know nothing about the Morrow Project (though could be candidates under consideration) and the threat of nuclear war is only a possibility (along with certain teams chances of winning the World Series). Could be several hundred persons at this level form analysts working along to large teams doing disaster response models.

Third tier Members are scientists and specialists hired directly to build something or test something. Such as a mechanical engineer working on flexible metallic foam for air free V-150 tires. No Project or briefing on preparations for the coming nuclear war at all.
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