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Day 004
The storm brought cold north winds. I tell the team that we will wear our Project uniforms, including the jacket, with weapons slung. The contact element consists of Angela, George and Charles with Angela as lead. Laura, Eric and I will be in the cover element. I will lead the team. We will take two bottles of liquor, six pieces of candy, one sewing kit, a comb, a brush, four silver dollars and the mini dental kit so Laura can exam and treat any cavities. Angela and I will have a stun gun as a non-lethal weapon plus a smoke grenade and a CS gas grenade to cover any retreat should it become necessary.

After securing the bolthole from intrusion, the team moves to intersect the road southwest of the village. The team enters the village as a column with the elements in wedge formation. As the team moves to the suspected church/ store, people exiting their homes quickly turn back into their homes upon seeing us. The team enters the building and meets the village foreman, Joe Bryant, and the shopkeeper, Adam Harris.

Initially, both men are a bit scared because of our weapons. As we explain who we are, we discover that the war occurred about 140 years ago. About eighty years ago there was a forest fire in the hills where the bolthole is located that explains the age of the trees. The team is stunned by this news. We asked the two men if they had ever heard of people like us and they said no but there are more people in Faulkner and the government there might have heard of other teams. Joe said that a journey to Faulkner normally takes three to four hours by wagon on dry roads but with last night’s storm, the road is too muddy for long trips.

In exchange for the one bottle of liquor and the four silver coins, Joe Bryant assigns four males in the village to assist us in digging out our vehicles over the next two days. He also assigns four males to cut down any tree we select to create a path to get the vehicles to the wagon trail. We trade the other bottle of liquor, the candy, the sewing kit, the comb and brush for a solid wood seat, ladder-back chair and metal bucket.

We led Joe and the workers back to the bolthole. Eric and Charles begin supervision of the two worker teams as George, Laura, Joe and I enter the bolthole to show Joe the interior. Once he is satisfied of our honesty about our origins, we have him sit in the chair so that Laura can exam and treat his teeth. Laura gives Joe some thiopental to relax him. As the drug starts to take effect I question him about the weapons the Faulkner government has, about their military vehicles, how big is the military force, how big is the police force, etc. I ask Joe what he thinks the leader of the government, the Chancellor, will do once he hears about us and meets us. Once that is done, Laura extracts his tooth, gives him eight pills of ibuprofen for pain and escorts him out of the bolthole. At sunset, they leave the area to return home.

Considering Joe’s answers to my questions, I tell the team that we will lock the bolthole from intrusion and then set up a cold camp about a half kilometer to the east. I tell them to pack whatever they think is necessary for survival on foot. I make the watches longer and each watch has two people on duty, including Laura. Hopefully, in the morning Joe and his workers will show up without Faulkner’s military/police force known as the Rotsee Greys behind them.
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