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Default Episode 10.1

The roadblock is easily avoided, although doing so entails more backtracking. The Diamonds have put a lot of miles on Pole Position over the past 10 days, but haven’t put much distance between themselves and Kalisz.

It’s while trying a different path through the forest that a bedraggled figure steps out of the underbrush and flags down the SKOT.

“They’re about 30 of us left,” the man says. His woodland pattern BDUs are torn, filthy.

His name is Mick Daniels, an American soldier from the 5th ID, captured by Soviet forces 9 days ago and subsequently interned in an ad hoc POW camp (a walled poultry farm) about a mile south-southeast of the town of Grabow. Ivan’s been using the prisoners as forced labor. Daniels’ party was assigned to assist a squad of Soviet engineers in repairing a couple of badly damaged bridges over the Prosna and Mlynowka rivers, just east of the town.

”There was more than twice as many, but a work party went out a couple days ago, never came back. I figured, after the bridge is finished, we’re next.”

Daniels made a break for it, was shot in the arm, but managed to get away. He’s been wandering the forest, dodging patrols and growing weaker from blood loss and hunger, for the last 24 hours or so.

“I thought I was done. Saw the diamonds on your APC, recognized your K-pots, took a chance. Thank God I did.”

Deacon attends to Daniels’ bullet wound (-1 PMK) while the escapee recounts his travails, describes the POW camp.

It’s a rectangular compound, 110m long and 60m wide. A wall, 2-3m high, encloses an open courtyard and three buildings, two long henhouses (along the north and south sides) and a storage shed (west). To act as ersatz watchtowers, the Soviets have parked a 4x4 farm trailer just outside the back (east) wall, and a ZIL-175 truck outside the front wall, each manned by a two-man machinegun team. The crews are primarily focused on the interior of the compound. Sentries walk the exterior of the northern and southern walls. There are about 10 guards in total, at the moment. Those not on duty bunk in a small residence just southwest of the "prison".

“We can’t just leave them,” Sarge says.

“Look, I know how you feel right now," Walker replies. "I feel it too. But we’ve been lucky so far. Very lucky. A rescue mission? We’re not all Rangers, Sergeant.”

“But we’re still soldiers… aren’t we, Captain?” Sergeant McNulty asks pointedly. “And so are they. American soldiers. What if the tables were turned and we were the ones locked up and running out of time?”

A rescue op is planned. The Diamonds will hit the camp at dusk, after the bridge work party has returned to the camp. Sarge, Bird, and PR will infiltrate a patch of woods just over 200m east of the camp to observe and report. Once work detail has returned to the camp, the scout team will call it in. The others, in Pole Position will roll up on the front of the camp, stopping about 100 from the front gate and engaging the “guard tower” near the main entrance to the compound with HMG fire. Bird will engage the machinegun team on the wagon at the back. This should eliminate any danger to the prisoners inside.

To be continued...

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