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Originally Posted by kcdusk View Post
1 v1 generally favours the defender. So even playing roughly even numbers, as the attacker you were maybe underdogs.
That's what I was thinking as I set up the scenario.

Originally Posted by kcdusk View Post
Did the OT-64 turn the tide for the attackers? I forget what its armed with.
It helped, but not as much as I thought it would, especially when the gunner (DShK HMG) was suppressed in the first round. He also didn't roll very well. He was rolling two D12s and every single ammo die and didn't produce extra damage or hits until his final round of combat.

Originally Posted by kcdusk View Post
Did the defenders take advantage of cover? It reads a little bit like they were fired at, and hit regularly.
A couple of them were.

The MG team in the ZIL were standing in the bed, behind the cab. The cab only had an armor value of 1, but it stopped the DShK (Dam 4) from getting any crits during its first two bursts). Honeybear eventually both the A and B gunners in the torso, but neither were killed outright. The A gunner was finished off by a head shot, but the B gunner got away (temporarily).

On that note, I'm not sure how to RP getting hit in the chest by a 12.7mm round, losing 4/5 HP, and surviving.

Originally Posted by kcdusk View Post
In old T2K our characters ran 30m, trotted 20m, jogged 10m and crawled 2m automatically! Every PC was essentially the same movement wise. In V4.0 mobility adds another variable, which i think is good. Some PCs will be mobile, others will be cumbersomely slow. Perhaps V4.0 having a war-game like bent, with gridded maps, helps us as Refs, plot PCs on a map and that opens up visually the importance of movement more than V1.0 did for example - which puts further emphasis on mobility.
I agree. I like the Mobility mechanic. I just underestimated how long it would take to cross 200m (if I'd done some basic arithmetic, this would have been obvious; instead I assumed, "It's not that far,"). Lesson learned.

Originally Posted by kcdusk View Post
How did you find running so many characters solo in an extended fight go for you? Easy/hard, long, methodical ....
During the first couple of firefights I ran, I used a sheet of notebook paper to "track" everything but it got sloppy pretty quickly and didn't work very well- I kept missing things or getting them mixed up. So, after the last fight, I made a simple Word doc tracking sheet and it helped a lot. 9 v 9 was no trouble at all to run. I attached it. In the main boxes, I recorded the character's action and the result. If a character failed a CUF roll, I wrote CUF X in their next turn box.

I was really disappointed that none of my PCs passed a CUF roll because I want the chance to roll to improve their CUF score.

Originally Posted by kcdusk View Post
6 or 7 enemy were downed. One PC took a hit. Was this just due to the difference in skill levels (D6s v D10 or D12s)?
Yes, and a successful group ambush (the scout team) at the outset. They eliminated 2/9 enemy in the very first round.

But having PCs with better combat skills (A/B, in some cases, v C/C) definitely helped a lot. The Diamonds possessing the only AFV in the fight did also.

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