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Originally Posted by ArmySGT. View Post
Then why not have Prime Base 2 be the Atlantis project? I wasn't supposed to come online for more than 75 years anyway. Where should it be? Iceland? Safe except for Keflavik. The Orkneys, probably ignored all together, secretive, and well placed for Comms. North Africa? Like Morroco. Certainly safe from Europe going down to nukes and plagues. Can you imagine all the Anglo refugees in North Africa skewing the demographics? An Island in Aegean sea? Morrow Navy heave ho!

Good News boys! Your going to find and wake up the second Morrow Base. After 69 days at sea you should be close..
And there is nothing wrong with running Prime Deuce as the headquarters of the Atlantis Project! As for location, I favor a location in Canada or the UK.
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