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So, if you want to present Daidalos as having the same occupation patterns as 2017 America:

153.3 million employed (age 16 or more) out of 327 million (thus excluding military in both cases) translates to 2,812 persons employed out of 6,000 in Daidalos. Thus:
  • management: 326
  • business and finance: 139
  • professional: 652 (including 169 in education, training and library occupations, and 88 in computer and mathematical occupations, and 168 in medical/healthcare occupations)
  • service: 490 (including 122 in police, fire, and other protective occupations)
  • sales and office: 616
  • natural resources, construction and maintenance: 260 (including 22 in farming, fishing and forestry occupations)
  • production, transportation and material moving: 328 (including 155 in production occupations)

For Daidalos, you can then add about 500 persons on active military duty to that. Thus 22 farmers, fishermen and forestry workers support the community (and produce a marketable surplus).

Michael B.
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