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Originally Posted by Targan
The NATO offensive probably started first because they had a shorter line of supply.
More than likely, and at the time of the start of the offensive, also many of the units in question were still accepting orders more readily too. Where the Soviets didn't have that much luck, and what they had left of combat effective units(those that were willing to accept their orders) were smashed against the 5th Mechanized and/or the rest of the XI Corps(minus the 8th Mechanized).

By the end of the Summer Offensive of 2000, those Commanders who were still in contact with higher HQs on both sides realize that an offensive would place in peril what they had ecked out the last year or so. Which is why many of those units, that had previously stop accepting orders had done so, the local commander was more concern of conserving his manpower, and to make condition better local for their survival. No matter if the commander had a desire to return their unit back home or stay put, they knew if they had to move they would have to do in such a way to limit the impact of the units infusion into other areas.

Many places, regardless what they may think of the unit in charge at the time, they still didn't like too see units move away either. The locals may not like the local Ukrainian unit, but it lot better than the bands of marauders who use to visit for their ransoms. That all through out Germany/Austria eastward. It is one of the reason why French Union took steps to secure areas east of it own border.

Just some thoughts.
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