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Default Czech Mate

Has anyone played the Czech Mate adventure from the Eastern European Sourcebook?

The scenario is a little far fetched but it does give some hints as to how the Cantonment system works.

The setting also makes me wonder if this couldn't be a viable alternative to the Escape from Kalisz as a starting point for a central European campaign.

Here's an idea. The Soviets, thrilled by the apparent success of their gasoline-fueled counter-offensive against 3 Corps in north-central Poland, decide to launch a general offensive (or just various local supporting/holding attacks). The PCs could be members of or attached to the U.S. 6th Light Infantry Division or the 3rd Mech. ID in Czechoslovakia.

The GM could then either precipitate the destruction of the PC's home division or play out the successful defense of their respective cantonment bases. If taking the former option, the PCs would then become fugitives, cut-off behind enemy lines, much like in the Kalisz scenario. They could then be steered north in the Margrave of Silesia's territory for a little Black Madonna action, and then onward (into the other Poland modules) from there. Or, the players could make their own way.

Anyway, it just seems like a slight variation on the tried and true EFK campaign starter and a good way to make use of Chico's awesome Czech vehicle guide-

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