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Default 28.05-31.05 all out FtFs in Schweinhund strasse

Seems to be some confusion as to what are the times etc - all I can say is -


the date was nailed months ago - cant make it ? thats really too bad .
(Having kids being an honourable exception to the dishonour of not being able to get all your ducks in a row in time for the May - hem FtFs )

Not being present will NOT give immunity against PC being maimed ,PC death or grave humiliation . Gotta go with the story guys , so if you are all in the same boat and the boat is blown to hell in a shit storm of enemy fire ,I am afraid you are gone - even if you are not present .

anyways - catch you another time .

as for the rest of you -better tune and oil thos dice ,place under a pyramid ,have them blessed at your local shrine of choice ,wash em off in holy water ,say mass on them and sacrifice grain,butter,iron and ale for `em.

You SHALL be needing it .

Less than a week now.

Whatss that tingling sensation in the back of my head ?

Oh-its probably nothing ..thereit is
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