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Default 470th Military Intelligence Brigade

Doing some research on the Panama Canal and came across some information on the 470th Military Intelligence Brigade including location in Panama, personnel and mission of each unit.

For V1 and also V2.2 with some minor reasoning to explain why the US didnt leave the Canal on time that unit would be there. And one of its biggest components was actually based in Orlando FL and might figure into campaigns there. Also for those looking at how many men would be in such a unit when the war started and then extrapolate what might still be around by 2000/2001

Brigade total - 1250 personnel

HHC - Corozal, Panama - 75 personnel (FYI Corozal is a sub-installation of Fort Clayton so they can be used interchangeably)

308th Military Intelligence Battalion - Corozal, Panama, Howard Air Force Base, Panama - 300 personnel

310th Military Intelligence Battalion - Corozal, Panama, Albrook Air Force Station, Panama - 200 personnel

747th Military Intelligence Battalion - Galeta Island, Panama - 150 personnel

Military Intelligence Battalion (Low Intensity) - assigned to the 513th Military Intelligence Brigade, attached to the 470th Brigade - Naval Training Center, Orlando FL - 550 personnel
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