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Default Noit saying the nuke worked...

Originally Posted by mmartin798 View Post
I would be inclined to think this was a hail mary to try and shut them down. UA is nanotech. If they are individual nanomachines once programmed, they would be very small and even the EMP from a nuke would not generate much voltage. I have read it would be on the scale of 0.1V. Now whether or not this would allow for enough power to be generated to pop the UA is far from a decided matter. The voltages needed to operate nanoscale logic gates are about 5 times that amount in current devices. But then again, how much power can a nanomachine handle where it is not expected? This could make UA immune to EMP. Directly applied current from a defibrillator would likely fry them.
Were talking about Krell's band of assholes, none of whom probably really understood what they were dealing with. The EMP would not likely affect the UA, especially shielded as they are by a bunch of water bags (cells). But do Krell's guys know that, or do they panic?

I'm voting panic.
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