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Originally Posted by StainlessSteelCynic View Post
That's quite a lot of creativity there! Good stuff
Always nice to have some extra food options.

The only thing I would question would be the shelf life, I'm inclined to think it could be longer based on what I've seen with military rations packs - I've had ration packs while in the Australian Army that were anywhere between eight and twelve years old.
As for civilian food, as long as the packaging itself doesn't break down, get damaged etc. etc., a lot of tinned food will last for several years and still be safe to eat.

But anyway... nice work, thanks for posting it. Thumbs Up!
The old C-Rats lasted for decades, marines in the 80's were eating 1940's rations! For civilian stuff, Hormel does almost ration level packaging, I could see these being depoted to feed survivors by the Project.
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