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Originally Posted by knightofrubus View Post
Lets not forget the project has advanced materials engineering if stuff like Resistweave coveralls are anything to go by. It could be while they are not a true armored vehicle. Project civvies might still sport at lesst Resistweave liners in key panels to help soak small arms fire.
I gave all my teams a resist weave based on spider silk and a spectra fiber combo. I really disliked the one piece coverall so I went with a two piece Vietnam style uniform that was color coordinated to the teams. The exception being Recon, and MARS/ RATT , they got a camo based heavier weave. This made it easy for MP personal to identify each other quickly. They also had berets that color coded and field caps ( WW II style German hats that had color flashes to indicate team affiliation when wearing the beret wouldn't be tactically smart). I also had civilian style cloths in resist weave for recon teams if needed. Just made sense for me...
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