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Originally Posted by kalos72 View Post
Concrete/Cement/Mortar recycled? As in grind up a slab of concrete to dust add water and presto new concrete? Are we sure bout that? Cant be THAT easy...
IIRC you'd have to roast the concrete to get the limestone reactivated (quicklime), and that creates some very toxic fumes (old Medieval siege chemical warfare). Anyone with a better grasp of the chemistry, please chime in.

And just what is the hardness of rebar? Could it be forged into useful tools without resmelting? I envision rebar drills (as in "John Henry" sledgehammer-type chisel drills) that could be used to perforate concrete slabs so that they could be more easily split. Drill a hole/holes, wash out the rock dust, insert explosives, tamp, detonate. Shazam--split rock/concrete.

Sheetrock/wallboard is gypsum, right? Would this be a viable additive to supplement garden soil? Or are there reasons that it would be contraindicated?
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