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Here is the announcement

NEW For Twilight: 2000.

The East Africa Sourcebook. On DriveThruRPG.

From the deserts of Somalia to the Serengeti of northern Tanzania, the waters of the Indian Ocean to the jungles of the Congo, the East African/Kenya Sourcebook, the first new canon work for Twilight 2000 since 1995, shines a light on an area hinted at in previous works but never before detailed, where what is left of civilization in Africa struggles against the Somali Islamists, the PARA, the LRA and desperate pirates whose only mission is to take what they can from what still stands.

The Sourcebook contains a detailed order of battle for the American, French and Rwandan forces in the area as well as for their foes. A timeline is provided that shows how WWIII came to Africa, including the nuclear strikes that devastated much of the refinery production in Africa, leaving the refinery in Mombasa as the only hope for the Americans to provide the fuel that keeps CENTCOM supplied in their continuing fight with the Soviets in Iran. The continuing struggle of the French to build a new Empire from the ruins of Africa come alive in the Sourcebook, detailing their triumphs and missteps, including how they assisted the LRA to power in Uganda.

For those looking for new challenges and new adventures, the East African/Kenya Sourcebook provides them in spades offering everything from fighting a military campaign against the PARA and the Somalis, to convoy escort duty against pirates, to deep patrols trying to destroy terrorist bases or to find useable aircraft and supplies to keep AFRICOM going now that no more will be forthcoming from the United States. For those who wish to be mercenaries, either in the employ of others or building their own “kingdoms” in the ruins of Africa, there are opportunities a plenty.

FYI - the canon sourcebook has been heavily edited and revised from what was released here - added a bunch of information on the French, added the Rwandan forces, new maps, changes to the timeline,new pictures (mainly because of copyright concerns) and added details on the nuclear attacks and the convoy that brought troops to CENTCOM

So for those considering buying it, the final version is very different indeed from what was posted here several years ago

hope all of you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed writing it

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