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Default Eureka Map

Gen.Pain is coming up with a draft for a map of the town with important places like barracks ,HQs ,hospital, bunkers ,storage warehouses ,workshops ,markets,CPs,OPs,fortifications,businesses,PCs houses etc etc

Please PM him your spots on the map if you have one .

Bear in mind : WillisCo was there first and then came the USMC with WillisCo cooperation .

Any place looks like it is a natural fortress covering an important enfilade etc has got a 98% chance of being occupied . Also like in Israel , the border areas cannot be controlled by those without the clearance to ownership in the strategic areas .Meaning Council sanction is necessary to own real estate that in effect lets you control part of the border or sea shore .

Summing this up means - yes ,you will get a small compound and possibly a few odd buildings more and YES - it will be easily/-ish defendable and have facilities "befitting a down and out warlord who has run away from his land in the face of enemies and disaster and now lives on the run in exile at the mercy of a more powerful leader" - but NO - it will not be real estate that has real strategic importance . (Like the only bridge across the river ,the harbour etc etc ).More likely its a modified apartment building or office building etc

If you dont get with him , you get what you get .
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