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Default Eureka Sept .25th 2300 hrs temperature + 7 C*

The faint drone of the generator was starting to slowly annoy the reason out of Rupert Willis.The headaches that came and went ever since his head injuries made small inconveniences like that seem fit to deal with with armed force .He exhaled staggerdly and regained his calm .The electrical lamp at his desk gave a soft yellowish light that fluctuated slightly with the rise and fall in the drone .How he wished that the city council had gotten the powerplant up and running or had set up those wind turbines .But now the paperwork was mounting .The other council members were demanding reports and written recommendations and being darned pesky about why he didnt answer this or that question .They understood nothing about his work .NOTHING!

If anyone knew where to find parts for a gas fuelled powerplant or turbines for wind powered powerplants -surley they would dispatch a force to secure them ? And with the leaks in the council why should he even tell them one bit? This was his project..The former milgov guys were acting up again .Showing distrust openly..What INSULTS!! Suddenly he became aware of the rattling of the spoon in his teamug in his hand .Oh no..not again he thought ,just before a blinding white light engulfed him and the smell of burning hair filled his nose.He could taste it .But there were other sensations to -the sounds were peaceful and soothing .Almost like the sea when calm .A distant voice called hil pleasantly " act alone ..act alone ..only you can deliver them..the others will not help you..they mean to undo you.."all the while the white light was eveywhere leaving no image but excruciating white .

He came to -the light receeded rapidly into the colours of his study again .A few drops of blood trickled from his nostril.he wiped.The seizure had almost lasted a whole minute.Longer than last time , but not as violent.There was something new though.The voice .
He collected himself and wrapped a blanket over his shivering shoulders .He felt feverish.Nop matter .He had work to do .

He would gather up a team of professionals loyal to him and not the council -they would get him the parts.
The list didnt read long -after all the main protagonists were easily identified.

They all shared a common trait -they were useful for what he had in mind.

A few months ago he would have added his name to the list .Nowadays he staggered around with his cane ,pale as clay and easily winded and with frequent seizures that his doctors couldnt explain .

Outside the wind blew in a cold fog from the sea.
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