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Default Mohammed Al-Jahmana El-Sukhr

Mohammed (60) is the leader of the Eureka Muslim movement. He serves and directs a flock of aprox. 40 muslims in the Eureka area, he tries to advocate peace and unity but the recent global events has left many muslims to leave their faiths,seeing that global nuclear war is a sign that there is no God. He still have contact with some of them, but contact has been more sporadic in recent months. Mohammed and his group has had hard times and they are for the moment living on a minimum of food and water.

He is usually followed by atleast a couple of his followers. Recent times has shown him to be a reserved leader who uses many hours each day to pray to Alah.It seems he is waiting for a miracle?

He and all his followers live in squalid conditions in downtown Eureka.
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