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Default "the mechanic" aka Mamadoue Sanniadies

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Mamadoue Sanniadies, age 25

lived most of his life in a world of dispair, he has been taking solice in the solitude of mechanical workings. Fixing everything from coffemachines to tanks, is highly regarded as the go to man for fixing anything.

Mamadoue is regarded as a "pussy", hiding from every snapp, crack and boom!, but if pressed into a corner he has had training in martial art, and is known to be quite good with a wrench, or other blunt instruments.

asked of why he has no weapons, he replies "with a gun you are precieved as a threath and killed. no gun and they either leave you or kill you, i like to have the options"

he works for food, and supplies of every sort, so his scrap-yard can be a source of treasures as his collection has been gathering for years, even though it is regarded as just a scrap heap, his junk-yard always seems to hold actual what he needs for the job at hand...

he is a looner, often seen as a savant with regards to mechanical issues, but is often seen with "the rasta man" but if it is for buisniss or pleasure... who knows..
"One only needs two tools in life: WD-40 to make things go, and duct tape to make them stop."
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