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Default Equipment Database enhancement

I have added the ability to download files with the contents of the Kits I have data based.

There are 4 options
txt - Text file Summary
rtf - Rich text file Summary
xls - Excel file Breakdown (w/ Multiple sheets if nested kits)
html - Html Detail Breakdown (w/ Links to nested kits)

Equipment->Kit List
Select A kit from the list
Click on the button with the data format you desire.

File generation will take a few seconds as these are dynamic files which take quite a bit of cpu. It will get faster when we move to a better box later this year.

There are some omissions (empty kits, improper nesting, etc.) but I wanted to put this out there before I start thinking about the PC/NPC/Vehicle equipment list generation, as it will cannibalize most of the code used. Finding problems now will make things easier.

This zip file has an example of the generated files. (627kb)
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