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The ground floor sentry was dragged into a nearby room. Dusk outside continued to settle. Bird noises continued, but nothing much else was noticeable. What to do now? Advance up the internal staircase? Wait for the sniper to come down?
How long would it be before the sniper realised he was compromised? Did he already know? What comms and timing did they have, had any checkins been missed?

Geddes decided to advance up one floor [this would allow me to continue to check and test encounter mechanics. I decide Geddes will advance one floor at a time. While its likely a sniper is on the top floor, that might also be too obvious.

So I decide there is a 20% chance he is on the first floor, 30% chance on the second floor and then a 60% chance he is on the third floor. If no sniper is detected from these rolls (ie 3 unsuccessful rolls) then I will rule the sniper has left the building. Not knowing which floor the sniper is on will help keep the tension high in this solo mission, as my PC has to roll to detect and/or remain undetected for each floor he advances up which will happen before I know where the sniper is. Any failure on my PC part will be house ruled as we go.

Geddes draws his .45 pistol. This may give him an advantage in the confined space of the building or in the circumstances of a “draw” for initiative.

Passive recon roll. As per page 144 this is a passive Recon roll (cannot be pushed). The only modifier appears to be a -2 if you are in a vehicle and the other group is on foot. I decide to houserule a -1 for moving up a stair case, -1 for the potential sniper being aware of such a move by Geddes and/or having prepared for such a circumstance. Geddes Recon roll goes from (D12+D12) to (D10+D10).

The roll is 7,4. Therefore a single success. Geddes has quietly crept up to the first floor. Is the sniper on this floor is a 20% chance and the roll is 87. Therefore the floor is empty.

Geddes moving up to the second floor is also a (D10+D10). The roll is 8,4. One success. Is the sniper here is a 30% chance and the roll is 12! So the sniper is on this floor, and Geddes has successfully crept up onto this floor. I decide to roll a D100 to determine how “visible” the sniper is.

The higher the number is, the more visible the sniper is to Geddes as he enters the floor. The D100 roll is a 1! How to interpret this? I decide the sniper is maximum distance, with three quarters hard cover. What is maximum distance in a building? I work in a 3 story building that is 37m wide, so I set range at 37m.

Round 1

Checking my character sheet, I have no hand grenades. So I am glad I had my pistol out, and decide to fire. Fast action is aim, slow action is fire. Ranged combat is (D12+D12);

This is medium range for the .45 so – 1

I determine that due to the 1 rolled about, target has full cover so -3
I rule another -1 due to dim light.

This makes my roll (D8+D6). Because the target has full cover, even a hit will see the target get the benefit of protection. To avoid this, I could incur another -2 for a called shot but that would leave me with a single D6 roll. I decide to add 2 ammo dice to my chances.

Aghhhh, the roll is 5,5. No hits. And the ammo dice were also 5,5. My magazine is empty and I missed him.

Round 2.

I am incorporating the following initiative table.

(mmm having trouble adding pictures)

I do really like the simplicity and logicalness of this table. But, I also like a certain element of randomness (die rolls). So I see the above items as modifiers to a competing CUF die rolls to determine initiative.

Geddes has a CUF of B (D10) with the following modifications;
+1 due to being aware (sniper still recovering from being surprised for this turn only)
+1 due to his pistol is drawn
No modifiers for standing/walking
+1 for pistol (we will find out down below the sniper has a Bizon as a close support weapon. So the pistol is smaller than the SMG).

The Sniper has a CUF of B also.
For initiative then Geddes rolls a 5. With the +3 from above is an 8.
The sniper rolls D10 also with no modifiers and gets a 4. Geddes goes first.
Geddes chooses two fast actions, he takes full cover and reloads his pistol.
The sniper chooses two fast actions also, he remains in full cover and takes an overwatch stance.

Round 3

While Geddes actions seem simple, it took a while of thinking for me to decide Geddes will simply quick fire around the corner and look to push his to hit roll if needed. The sniper has overwatch, which feels like the sniper will have the advantage this round with his SMG.

Geddes quick fires around the corner. But the sniper gets first round this initative due to being in overwatch with his Bizon and so gets to fire first.

Sniper is (D10+D10) -1 medium -1 dim light so D8+D8 with 5 ammo dice. Rolls are (5,7),5,2,4,2,3. 16 shots fired with one hit. Hit location is torso which is behind cover. Damage is 1 – 1 so no damage!

Geddes may be suppressed though since technically he was “hit” even though no damage was inflicted, the close hit of the round could induce panic. Geddes has a CUF of B(D10) and rolls a 6, good enough not to be suppressed.

Geddes gets to return fire. Hit dice plus two ammo dice.

(D12+D12) -1 medium range -1 quick shot -1 dim light at sniper behind partial cover (arms and head exposed). Results in D10+D8. Rolls are 9,3,2,1. 3 bullets fired. One hit. I wont push this time given I got one hit. Hit location is torso which is behind cover. Cover in this case is an indoor wall which provides cover 1.
Damage of the 45 is 2 minus 1 for cover equals 1pt to the torso. The sniper must make a CUF check and rolls a 4 which is less than 6 and therefore a fail. The sniper falls to the ground and loses both actions next round.

Round 4

Geddes can use a fast action to advance 2 hexs (20m) towards the sniper which reduces the range to 17m. Geddes performs a mobility roll to see if he can move any further, each success is another hex (10m).

Geddes mobility is B and Agility is A and I presume can roll D10+D12 rather than D10 for Mobility only. Die rolls are 4,2. So no success and Geddes remains 17m from the sniper on the ground.

Round 5

Geddes initiative D10 +1 being aware +1 weapon is ready +1 smaller weapon, die roll is 8+3=11.

Sniper is recovering on the ground from being suppressed and rolls D10 and rolls a 3.

Geddes uses a fast action to run 2 hexs and so makes it into the Snipers hex. As his slow action this round Geddes can use unarmed combat, melee or fire his weapon, which I choose to do in the heat of battle.

D12+D12 -1 quick shot -1 for being in the same hex as an active enemy so chance to his is now D10+ D10 plus 2 ammo dice. Die rolls are 9,5,2,2. One hit and 4 ammo used which empties the .45.

Hit location is 2 = torso. 2 damage points taking the sniper to 3 damage.

CUF check for being shot is D10 and the roll is 1. Sniper is suppressed and prone on the ground at Geddes feet. Geddes locks in a fresh magazine and stands over the sniper, who pushes the Bizon away and rolls onto their belly in submission.

Cover is important. While it doesn’t make it harder to hit you, if the hit location is behind cover it can mean not taking damage – but still incur a CUF check

I found myself anxious during this encounter. Would I pass the stealth check up the stairwells? Was the sniper even in the building? Coming up against the high ROF Bizon. Then running to close the distance to the sniper when they were suppressed and went prone. Great stuff.

This might now present me with a chance to interrogate the sniper, which may help me move the story forward.
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