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If the MP had a small force of super elite commandos, would they just freeze them in case everything went wrong?

Would they even be the most useful people to have restarting Prime Base?

I suspect Phoenix Team would be more like the kind of people you'd want to get the planning, admin side of the Project working again.

So more like engineers and administrators.

And once they got Prime base warmed up it'll be years before it's even close to be operating again, never mind the project. They'll probably need to gather frozen project staff from across the nation.

The other problem being once the Projects started, it becomes not so much the start of the renaissance of the world. But rather a big hard to defend hole in the ground packed full of treasure.

However far away the KFS are they'll soon be setting up an expeditionary force to lay siege and plunder if they hear about PB.

As such fairly quickly the team will have to leave PB and never ever mention it, never mind expect much support from it.
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