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You are talking about two different needs, both of which are valid, neither of which are mutually exclusive. Yes, the Project should have a failsafe to keep/restart the Project if Prime Base gets taken out, but they should also have a team like Phoenix to handle high-intensity/small-scale military problems. Phoenix could be in Prime Base or somewhere else, the failsafe team should NOT be in Prime Base (at least not entirely). Having one does not preclude the other, any more than having firefighters precludes also having police.

As to other uses for Phoenix, I am sure they would have many uses for them, but having them frozen until actually needed makes sense. Remember that military skills and conditioning are perishable, especially at high levels. Freezing Phoenix until they are actually needed is far more efficient than the alternatives of either going with a degraded unit after 5 years in a bunker or else expanding said bunker into a full-fledged special operations training facility.

As for it being a cliché, I am not sure what to say. I don't care if it is a cliché, having special operations capability (and in tiers) makes sense, that's why governments do it. And if it became popularized in the 80's, well, that's when both Delta Force and SEAL Team Six started to creep into the public eye, so I suppose that makes sense.
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