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Name .45 Kentucky Rifle
Type Early 18th century flintlock rifle
Date 1700s
Caliber .45
Length 44in, 112cm
E- Factor 11 ball
Muzzle Velocity 1200 fps (366 mps),
Weight Empty 8lbs, 3.6kg
Weight Loaded 10.55lbs, 4.8kg
Effective Range 100m
Maximum Range 500m
Type of Fire single shot muzzle loader
Rate of Fire 2 rpm
Feed Device 1 round ball (128 grain), wad, and powder (90 grain).
Feed Device Weight 0.5oz 0.0141kg (0.29oz/8.3g ball, 0.21oz/5.8 g powder)
Basic Load 50 rounds 25oz/0.70 kg ball, 10.5oz/0.3kg powder,
Basic Load Weight 35.5oz /1kg

The rifled musket used primarily as a hunting arm in Colonial America. Calibers varied from .25 (6.4mm) up to .69 (17.5mm) and lengths for a rifle varied from 38 (91.4cm) to 46 inches . Used typically with round ball and sometime buck and ball (a round ball with 4-6 smaller buckshot pellets atop.

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