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This is really interesting and good. Now that I am reading it. It sets up some good ideas of adventuring in the region.

However, if I might offer up some constructive criticism if you decide to do a revised edition of this book.

Originally Posted by GDW
The refineries and the aerospace industry of
Washington were destroyed in the nuclear exchange.
This is from the Washington page of Howling Wilderness, page 46. That means Boeing Field, Paine Field, and the city of Renton all took nuclear strikes during the nuclear attacks after 1997. This makes sense considering that Boeing Field was where there is a factory for large heavy military aircraft (such as the B-52s and rework of aircraft like the KC-135s and E-3s). There is also a major factory in the Renton Area for Boeing commercial and military aircraft in the 1990s. In addition there is Everett that has a major factory for commercial aircraft. So assuming that each of those received an air burst of between 500 to 800kt. That means most of Seattle proper and southern Seattle region would be devastated just by the nuke strikes alone.

Also, just wanted to show with the attachments what and where the refineries were as well as what direct hits were to be if Everett, South Seattle and Renton took 500kt hits.

Still some really good stuff in the book and if I might add for those looking to use it, I know that for most of the islands in the region such as Whidbey, San Juan, Orcas, Vashon, Bainbridge; if the bridges are blown, then there are only selected beaches to land on and most of them only have trails to hike up. So it would be hard to get places unless you are using a ferry and the various ferry docks in the region.

Speaking of ferries; here is a link to the state ferry system's listing of ferries (as of 2020) but assume that similar style ships are in active service in the late 1990s. I will say that going to Whidbey's Coupeville and Port Townsend were a pair of ferries that were built as late as the 1920s that were only just replaced about a decade ago. So there are some other vehicles that could be potential sources of adventuring in the region.
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