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Originally Posted by Tegyrius View Post
Thank you for the input, Southernap. [Snip]

With regards to the nuclear targets, one of my design objectives was to align as closely as possible with canon. That includes the nuclear target list in Howling Wilderness. In the case of the aerospace facilities, my thinking is that destruction via direct strikes was unnecessary given sufficient EMP.

[More snipping]

ETA: Apologies; I neglected your point on island access in my focus on the broader "blow up Seattle" issue. That is excellent local color/detail, and I'll keep it in mind for a (brief) mention during the errata process if the layout can accommodate any more words there.

- C.
Not a problem with the local color detail update.

Also, you explanation makes sense and I didn't really think about it that way since with the EMP hits from the strikes in the region that some of the factories would have been damaged beyond usefulness.

Still an awesome add and a good place to segue into regions beyond what the official modules have describe. Hopefully, we can start to round out the gaps in Howling Wilderness with books like yours.
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