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For the more "universal" occupations idea - I agree. I think a lot of people will end up having to do something 'on the farm' so to speak. My own games assume 1 person in every 2 is involved in farming and food production (which really equates to about 2/3 of the adult population). I think a lot of them will also take any practical hobbies they had and turn them into something to generate income or barter-able skills.

Also, I think a lot of older professions will make a comeback, as energy distribution collapses and machines stop. Things like:
Wainrights (wagon makers)
Farriers (guys who do horseshoes)
Loggers with axes
Icemen (the guys who deliver ice)

I don't think it will go "Morrow Project" everywhere, but people will do these things to 'get by' if they can't buy, scrounge or otherwise get the 'modern' versions of things they want/need.
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