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Jeezus !! I am behind the curve !!
There seem to be so many details that I have forgotten.
One theory I had is that Prime Base was an elaborate decoy and that Krell nerved the wrong place at the wrong time.
If Bruce Morrow knew they would and was unable to convince the suits he would have a back up. Don't you think ?
I read a series of books on the LRRPs and LRPs (there is a difference) in Vietnam and they considered the Green Berets to be sissified but then again there primary missions were all different.
The LRRPs specialty was recon, the LRP were basically HKs and the GBs were supposed to organize and train the friendly locals.
Unlike the GBs, LRRPs and LRPs were billeted behind a chain link fence in the rear as they were not to discuss their missions with anybody else.
How does this apply ?
Well, for one thing they were issued camo uniforms while everybody else got ODs until late in the war and they were armed to the teeth because they were always behind enemy lines (the GBs not as much).
What's my point ?
I don't know, I think I hear my walking out dress calling for some more ironing...and I need to read up on my MP stuff as soon as I can get it out of storage
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