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Default Uniform canon, info please...

Resistweave Coveralls are a 'given' in all in print canon.
The stuff is tougher than chain-mail. [A.R.3]{one always assumed light rings, mild/carbon steel only, no high tech alloy, one overall temper}
Tougher than 'Nam era Nylon Flack Vest. {not so hard}

Has anything ever been said in canonical sources about how thick/bulky this stuff is. Given that no indicators in the basic Rule-set, OTHER than the fact that -nothing is noted- about bulk, and that Basic Kit includes a spare Coverall packed away... I've always portrayed this as being a little thinner than 500 grade cordura nylon and a good deal softer/quieter.
In other words, clothing weight, so one -could- have say, street wear tailored from it for an AP of say, 6 and it would be indistinguishable from say, cotton rip-stop. {Always wondered why the "clean contact kit" wasn't made of the stuff, esp. given MP -lethal- combat, and Company policy of "try not to die"}
I realise this is a wee bit off thread, but it's close and I don't feel up to "first Post, new thread, lookit me!" standards.
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