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Here is an expansion of what i posted yesterday...

The rank of Director would be divided into grades kind of like this...

Project Director (the person who is THE director of the entire project)
National Director (handles the day-to-day operations on the national level)
Regional Director (handles the day-to-day operations on a regional level, and sits on the project board-of-directors to orchestrate the operations of the project)
State Director (I had considered calling state-level as Divisional or Departmental, any suggestions)
District / Combined Operations Group Director

Team Leader (aka Captain)
Deputy Team Leader (aka Lieutenant)
Chief Petty Officer (Chief Supervisor or Senior Supervisor)
Petty Officer (Supervisor or Senior Supervisor)
Leading Specialist (Chief Operator)
Able Specialist (Senior Operator)
Specialist (Operator)
Trainee / Applicant

Team Leader 1st Class ()
Team Leader 2nd Class ()
Team Leader 3rd Class ()
Team Leader 4th Class ()
Team Leader 5th Class ()

Deputy Team Leader

Chief Supervisor
Senior Supervisor

Chief Operator
Senior Operator

Chief Technician
Senior Technician
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