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Default T2K - NPC Contest 1 - Closed / picture

I propose a npc contest - npc contest closed / picture class

Design your best npc from the following picture

Look at at this guy is he

- a setial killer
- a cereal box author
- a multimillionaire
- a jehova's vitnes
- fbi
- a consert pianist maybe even left handed
- did his wife leave him on their weddingnight for another woman?
- a racecar driver
- David Hasselhoff's stunt butt
- a proffesional lion tamer
- just fed up
- adopted
- a profesional ludo player
- particulary endowed
- known for his lack of etticquette
- the former tuba player for Metallica

u be the judge - please tell us -

*************** Importan Notice ************************

NPC could be entered in this document - - regular txt /doc or open office is allowed

NPC should contain
- Scores and skills
- Picture displayed in first post (for contest 2 you supply your own picture
- Background history
- Equipment

(location is optional)
Later a poll will be posted for the best entries.

There is offcourse possibilites for more picture and more npcs......same rules

Good Luck Gentlemen.
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