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Emus are hardy creatures, when European farming was introduced to Australia in the early days of colonisation, the emu population was quick to make use of the easily accessible food & water the farms provided.
They have reached plague proportions a few times here and have had to be culled to prevent them over-running farmlands and destroying crops.

Those emus raised in the US would be adapted to winter conditions there so climate would not be a particular problem for them in the wild and they are very capable at defending themselves. Their centre toe has a very large claw than can (and has) cut open dogs and injured people.

Given that they are a bird adapted to the harsher conditions of Australia (in regard to finding food and water), I think they would thrive in the wild of North America due to the better availability of food and water and the only real predators they would have would probably be puma and any big cats released from zoos, wildlife parks etc. etc.
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