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I think to a certain extent it depends how detailed you want your NPCs to be. For your town leader Id be inclined to allocate him / her levels what I deemed to be the relevant skills. For example Id maybe give them Leadership: 10, Persuasion: 10. For a village mechanic Id do the same but allocate them levels in Mechanic and Machinist, maybe Electronics, etc, etc. Then maybe a few others dependent on their background - e.g. is s/he former military - if so add Small Arms 6, or maybe Heavy Gun if they were artillery. If the village relies on horses a lot for transport add levels in Riding and so on. Id look at maybe giving them competency in four or five skill levels.

You can probably get a feel for what levels to give them by how you imagine them. A super charismatic head man would warrant a higher skill level than someone whos muddling along as best as they can.

Id only roll an NPC up in the same way as a character if I wanted them to be a Star NPC, preferably one that would play a recurring role in the campaign (like the example you gave of the CIA/DIA/KGB dude - that I would roll up). If I was rolling in the same way as a character though Id make the choices myself rather than rely on random dice roll. In particular Id choose when the War was going to start and motivations (Ive rarely used the rules as written to randomly draw motivation cards for NPCs - Id almost always choose based on how I imagine the NPC).
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