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The Desert Search module does have a description of Morrow Power Stations. They come in two flavors, hydroelectric and fusion, fusion being rare according to canon. The power station described in detail is TN-7, a fusion power station. They address the power distribution problem by using satellites. It stated that here is one for each power station and that the power station transmits the power to its satellite, which then redirects the microwave beam back to the location where the power is needed. Since the power is generated on the ground, the satellite is much smaller, though you do lose energy twice from heating up the atmosphere both on the trip up and down.

This solution is not entirely satisfying either. The satellites would still be rather larger, on the scale of tens of meters to accommodate two microwave dishes and radiation fins to handle the heat build up. Maybe slightly smaller than the ISS. Power is needed, but how to get it to where it is needed is no small matter.
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