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Default Steam, etc...

Apologies if already (well) covered before but I was watching a repeat on TV last night: Fred Dibnah's Age of Steam ( ) and thought has the use of steam power been covered here?

They could be used at 'mobile' and stationary power. Plus heritage centres and museums could be local repair and construction centres.

Later this was on:

Whilst, not always the case, people of my Parent's generation (born just before WWII), do seem to have skills and knowledge I do not...

Jason Mraz wrote a song about his Grandfather who used his skills to fix things... I first heard on another IV programme:

In fact American Restoration is another show in a similar vein and the firm / place would make a good place to visit / help in T2K. It's in Las Vegas IIRC so more an idea for elsewhere?

And then there is Forged In Fire...

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