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Adrenaline caused a rhythmic pulse in his ears. It rose above the AKs' reports, the shredding sounds of the 5.45s ripping up the top of the pile of debris and the high pitched screaming of the Polish girls.
With splinters of refuse still raining on him from the pile he noticed the firing stopped and he made a bold and stupid move.
Popping up from his rapidly disappearing cover he leveled his M4 at the Russian who was in the midst of changing magazines and fired a double tap at his center of mass.
There was a metallic sound as the rounds impacted of the Russian's chest webbing and he fell back into a sitting position on the ground.
The two Polish girls immediately attacked. One latched her hands onto the AK-74 and the other brought a broken piece of masonry from the pile down heavily onto his head. Helmet or not, she felled him with one blow and he collapsed into a heap.
The one holding the AK-74 finished the reload the Russian never had a chance to and they both looked the soldier somewhat blankly.
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