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Originally Posted by natehale1971 View Post
:shurgs: timetravel has been theorized by hard sciences, and was used in the book and movie 'Timeline' that showed how scientists discovered wormholes that created bridges to the past... I had always thought that was what Bruce E. Morrow was doing. His psyhic gifts allowed him to be nautrally drawn to those wormholes and use them to travel back and forth in time. And would allow for the 'floating' date of the TEOTWAWKI since the Council for Tomorrow would be doing things to prepare for it, and subconcously do things that would postpone the TEOTWAWKI. While still showing that they hadn't adverted it, just postponed it.
I know time travel is theoretically possible. I am actually working on writing a fiction book based on the concept. I just have always had a hard time accepting that there is no backup to Prime Base and if Bruce knew of the failure it makes that situation even more odd.
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